React Recap: August 7th

I’ve noticed a lot of roundups lately, but there’s a lot of good content people aren’t sharing. If you like these types of posts, leave a comment or Tweet us. Here’s my favorite content found this week.


Is react rendered on the backend actually faster than templating languages?

Can stores maintain state after their attached components unmount?

Beginner here, can’t figure out how to add a message to a chat component

Best Practice for handling error with react/flux?

What’s the best beginner resource to learn React?

How do I remove an item from this.state.users?


React appends ‘px’ to stop-opacity css value

React, “this”, cloneElement and es6

Do I need Flux Store for this purpose?

##React Starter Kits

React Starter Kit — a skeleton of an “isomorphic” web application / SPA built with React.js, Express, Flux, ES6+, JSX, Babel, PostCSS, Webpack, BrowserSync…


React UI Builder

HJS Webpack Helpers/presets for setting up webpack with hotloading react and ES6(2015) using Babel.

React Hot Boilerplate


What the Flux?! Let’s Redux.

New React Devtools

Setting up Vim for React

Just rebuilt my portfolio w/ React.js

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